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AAR: Tatooine Distress Call 05/31/16

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  • AAR: Tatooine Distress Call 05/31/16

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Tatooine
    Formation Size: 8
    Troops in Formation:
    COL Qorbin
    LT Dronos
    LT Kj'vago
    SPC Aradow
    SPC Weslo
    SPC Ronos
    TPR Tav'end
    TPR Avineel

    Areas Patrolled: Thorazan Outpost, Zaroshe, and The Den
    Initial Contact: 1600 hours


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: <47th Imperial Army> <Aliit Kyram'galaar>
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: Several random Jedi
    Contact Summary:

    Alpha Company responded to a distress call at 1600 hours sent out by Jedi players on Tatooine. Aliit Kyram'Galaar attacked Jedi and forced the players to call out for help. We responded to help defend our outpost and friendlies. With good coordination, we were able to push the Mandalorians back all the way to their spawn point at Outpost Zaroshe.

    After a cease fire was agreed to, Kyram'galaar and the 203rd agreed to fight in the den for some competitive 5v5 matches. We did 15 matches with each match providing an opportunity for our members to gain much valued WPvP type battle experience. Our Specialists had the opportunity to lead each assault group and create strategies on the fly to try and win the rounds.

    After the 15 matches were done, we gathered at Outpost Thorazan for a small mumble debriefing to recap on everything that had happened.

    Positive Points:
    • Had a good assault group size able to respond to the initial distress call.
    • We defeated the Mandalorians and forced them back to Outpost Zaroshe.
    • Kyram'galaar was nice enough to set up 5v5 matches in the Den. Excellent experience for our members.
    • New players were able to call targets and learn basic leadership.
    • Strategies were explored, even if the strategy failed confidence was built.
    • Ghost recon was played in a much more aggressive role.
    • Defend Thorazan Outpost against a random attack by 47th Imperial Army.
    • Random WPvP, is always a positive.
    Negative Points:
    • CTA was improperly called.
    • Not so much a negative* Chemistry isn't in sync, but with newer members recognized their faults.
    • Did not strike the enemy quick, lack of confidence allowed for the enemy to attack first often.
    • Comms were a little disorganized at times, but did improve by the end of it.
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:

    Overall this wasa great random WPvP fight that gave or members some fun experience. I took the opportunity to help create some small 5v5 matches for our members to experience in the Den against an experience guild. With each round, through the wins and losses, we discovered faults and positives that both officer's were able to address with proper feedback. SPC Ronos and SPC Weslo did well at leading their groups, with each round improving from the previous. Nothing is perfect, there were many mistakes such as target calls or being passive when the enemy was vulnerable for a quick strike.

    Either way I am happy that our SPC's had the opportunity to lead while the LT's observe and assisted when needed. Sometimes it is good to let new members figure out through the losses how to recover and improve, and in terms of that we were successful. The group that attended can take what they learned over to the next WPvP event.


    Report Filed By: LT Dronos

    "On the battlefield, I will leave no man or woman behind. As part of Alpha Company, we will do our Republic proud maintaining peace in the galaxy one system at a time." - Dronos Eos