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Base Camp

Deployed on the Eastern RP-PvP server "Jung Ma"

Guild Story:

Coming Soon

Recruitment Requirements:

See the Training Manual for a list of the recruitment requirements

Officer Contact List:

  • Commanding Officer: Major Alrek Torik
  • Executive Officer: Captain Qorbin Oca
  • First Platoon Commander: Leiutenant Viozaer
  • Second Platoon Commander: Leiutenant Cohort


Coming soon!

This guild is for you if...

  • enjoy the RPing aspect that MMOs have to offer.
  • enjoy working as a unit.

This guild is NOT for you if...

  • CANNOT put the guild first and yourself second.
  • enjoy ganking and spawncamping.
  • cannot remain IC for all general chat (/say).

Those wishing to join should first:

  1. Visit our SWTOR guild website.
  2. Click the picture on the left hand side.
  3. Read the entire training manual.
  4. If you meet the requirements, you can submit an application. A link to do so can be found in Section #9 of the Training Manual.


Coming Soon!

Other Guild History:

The game that started it all was Star Wars Galaxies. The leadership of Alpha Company is the same leadership that was responsible for the famous Alpha Company (A Coy) on the Valcyn Server.

Alpha Company has also played other MMOs such as LORTO (Riders of the Riddermark), Pirates of the Burning Sea (West Indies Squadron) and WOW (Wipe Club).