OPORD [3456981-JDO-248139 [Operation Resolute Bulwark]

I. Situation: While battling the forces of the Eternal Empire, the Republic Navy was all but decimated. The R.W.S. Alrek Torik was able to withdraw from the battle, but not before sustaining heavy battle damage. With Zakuul warships, hot on her heels, the Torik was forced to make a blind hyperjump towards Ilum, her position is currently unknown, and contact has not been able to be reestablished for three years. Supplies are running low...
A. Area of Operation
1. Planetary Information:

Region: Unknown Region of Space
Sector: Unknown
System: ...
Orbital Position: ...
Grid Coordinates: ...

2. Terrain
B. Enemy Forces
1. Identification of enemy forces:

The Eternal Empire is known to conduct recon patrols on the fringes of Wild Space. Last known reports stated that they were beginning to ramp up their presence in other sectors of the galaxy, but the current composition, disposition and activity of these additional forces are unknown at this time.

Additionally it is believed that the Sith aided in the trap set by the Eternal Empire. Any Imperial warship should be considered hostile, and dealt with extreme prejudice.

2. Location(s):
3. Enemy Course(s) of Action::

Most Likely Course of Action (MLCoA): Enemy forces will withdraw from a numerically superior Republic force in order to preserve combat power and reduce the risk of exposure of clandestine operations occurring on the planet's surface. Enemy forces will then signal additional reinforcements in an attempt to mass sufficient combat power to challenge Republic control in key regions.

Most Dangerous Course of Action (MDCoA): Enemy forces will attack to destroy Republic forces in order to establish military dominance and freedom of movement on planetary surfaces. Enemy forces will call in additional reinforcements in order to overwhelm any opposition they encounter while conducting operations.

C. Friendly Forces
1. Task Organization:
2 Platoons, with Command and Control (C2) elements.
2. Units providing fire support:
Combat Air Patrol: 710th Fighter Wing
3. Attachments/Detachments