II. Mission:
Alpha Company will depoly via drop pod to the Outpost Usk. Once there Alpha Company will supplement the planetary forces while a detachment of troopers collect supplies and other equipment. "
III. Execution
A. Intent: Our forces will deploy to the area and achieve all assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner. High priority is to be placed upon troop welfare and force protection at all times. We will move quickly and safely to accomplish our assigned mission, acquiring supplies and shuttles for the "Alrek Torik"
B. Concept of Operation: Alpha Company will stage on the "Alrek Torik" at 2100 Galactic Standard Time (EST) proceeding via drop pod to the planet's surface, secure the objective, while personnel conduct resupply operations. Once operations are completed Alpha Company will exfill back to the "Alrek Torik" via shuttle
C. Coordinating Instructions:
1. Order of Movement, Formations, and movement techniques:
No later than (NLT) 2100h Alpha Company will stage at the Assembly Area. Combat inspections will be completed NLT 2115. Following deployment, Alpha Company will proceed on foot to OBJ-1 following mission tasking orders and carry out the operation.
2. Action at halts:
Alpha Company will follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) at all halts.
3. Routes (primary / alternate):
4. Rally Points and actions at Rally Points:
Rally Point Blue: -2319, 965
Rally point Red: -1849, 1029
6. Actions on Enemy Contact:
Upon contact with the enemy, Alpha Company will attempt to take that enemy prisoner confirm their identity, and collect as much Intel on site as possible. Alpha Company will return fire at enemy personnel if fired upon, if they are interfering with mission orders, or at the discretion of the “Command Staff”.
7. Rules of Engagement (RoE)
Alpha Company will engage indigenous wildlife that adopt any threatening posture towards friendly personnel. Personnel will be engaged with deadly force; if they are attacking Republic personnel, attacking Republic assets or if they are deemed to be a threat by the "Command Staff".
V. Service Support
A. Medical Evacuation
Soldiers that have sustained wounds will be pulled to the rear of the battle line to be assessed by medical personnel. Soldiers that have wounds that are deemed to be life threating in nature will be stabilizied, and then flown to the “Torik” of treatment and recovery. Causalities will be sent to the nearest outpost, for pickup.
B. Personnel:
All captured enemy personnel will be silenced, searched, documented, and securely transported to rear echelon elements for interrogation and debriefing. All Enemy Prisoners of War (EPW) will be processed through the 211th MP Detachment's internment facility located within Aurek Base.
IV. Signal
A. SOI index in effect (Freqs, Call Signs):
Secured Comms - (Ops)
Distress Comms - (ACRC)
Control (Command Staff): "Gundark"
Squad One: "Whitefang"
Squad Two: "Nexus"
Ghost: "Prowler"