OPORD [1473254-AFD-153214 [Operation Snowblast]

I. Situation: Republic forces are currently conducting long-term research and salvage operations on the planet Hoth. Recent SIS reporting has identified additional Imperial military forces deploying to the planet and an overall increase in Imperial military activity on the planet's surface. This increase in enemy activity threatens to prevent the success of current Republic operations occurring on the planet and is a direct threat to the safety of all Republic personnel and equipment currently located in the Hoth system.
A. Area of Operation
1. Planetary Information:

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Anoat Sector, Ison Corridor
System: Hoth System
Orbital Position: 6
Grid Coordinates: K-18

Rotational period: 23 Hours,
Average Planetary Temperature: -60oC,
Weather: Gale force winds and intense snowstorms possible.
2. Terrain
Ice Caves,
Frozen Planes,
Mountain Ranges,
B. Enemy Forces
1. Identification of enemy forces:

The Sith Empire is known to conduct military and archaeological operations on the surface of Hoth. Recent reporting has indicated an increase Imperial military presence. The current composition, disposition, and activity of these additional forces is unknown. The Imperial military is well equipped with modern weaponry to include: advanced personal weapons, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, long range communications equipment, aerial lift and air support assets, and shield generators. The current strength of Imperial Navy assets operating within the Hoth system is unknown, but it is assessed that orbital support will be limited to logistics and resupply operations. Consider any Imperial forces to be extremely hostile.

Additional privateer organizations and pirate forces have been detected near the north-west quadrant of Alpha Company's area of operations. These pirating operations operate outside the laws of the Republic, and will likely engage all Republic aligned military forces operating on the planet's surface. Republic logistical and resupply activity will require security escorts in order to prevent pilfering and looting from these criminal elements. Recent reporting has indicated these forces are heavily armed with blasters and military-grade heavy weapons capable of disabling armored vehicles. It is assessed that these forces do not currently possess any air defense weaponry. Consider any armed privateer organizations encountered to be hostile.

2. Location(s):
Dorn Base: Icefall Plains -2620, 866
Forward Bunker Icefall Plains -2250, 77
Imperial Garrison: Clabburn Tundra -2213, 52
Outpost Drift Hills: Clabburn Tundra -3445, 93
Outpost Leth: Highmount Ridge -903, 40
Outpost Thesh: Glacial Fissure -399, 51
Outpost Frostwake: The Starship Graveyard 1034, 104
3. Enemy Course(s) of Action::

Most Likely Course of Action (MLCoA): Enemy forces will withdraw from a numerically superior Republic force in order to preserve combat power and reduce the risk of exposure of clandestine operations occurring on the planet's surface. Enemy forces will then signal additional reinforcements in an attempt to mass sufficient combat power to challenge Republic control in key regions.

Most Dangerous Course of Action (MDCoA): Enemy forces will attack to destroy Republic forces in order to establish military dominance and freedom of movement on Hoth's planetary surface. Enemy forces will call in additional reinforcements in order to overwhelm any opposition they encounter while conducting operations.

C. Friendly Forces
1. Task Organization:
2 Platoons, with Command and Control (C2) elements.
2. Units providing fire support:
Close Air Support: 710th Fighter Wing
3. Attachments/Detachments