Deployment Report
Planet: Hoth
Formation Size: 15
Troops in Formation:
"Anvil": Major Qorbin, Captain Viozaer
"Hammer": Sergeant Chadeaux, Trooper Djeno
"Thunder": Sergeant Zidd, Trooper Eroc, Trooper Holdn, Corporal Riike, Specialist Kateri, Trooper Rallkon,
"Dice": Staff Sergeant Thavious, Corporal Vejovis, Specialist Mirshe, Specialist Illumori, Specialist "Doc" Jromwald
Areas Patrolled: Whiterock Wastes, Icefall Plains, Highmount Ridge, Clabburn Tundra
Initial Contact: 2100hrs

Contact Report
Enemy Encountered: Local Wildlife
Friendly/Neutral Encountered: Jedi Master Nicademus
Contact Summary:

At 2100 hours Alpha Company gathered for formation to continue Operation Snowblast. The objectives included searching for alternate forms of transportation due to the lack of energy cells for speeders and extreme weather conditions. Once underway, the unit proceeded to all known Tauntaun nests to gather intel on how to wrangle and domesticate them for transportation. All troopers were involved in collecting the information needed to acquire said mounts. During mission execution, no casualties were taken, but many Wampas (local wildlife) were killed during the gathering of information.

During ongoing duty assignment on Hoth, Alpha Company was made aware of a HoloTransmission regarding a downed ship and was tasked a to investigate by Major Oca. Dice and Thunder along with Hammer proceeded to the site of the wreckage.

Upon arrival at the crash site I was met by a Jedi Master called Nicademus, who while searching for datacrons stumbled upon the wreckage and called it in via RepCommScan, who interned passed to Major Oca. The Jedi informed us:

Ship registry YYH11208 was scavenged off the remains of the tail section. This was passed on to Republic Registries and cross referenced with Republic Logistics and the vessel is indeed the "Golden South".

According to Logistics the "Golden South" was carrying Power Units.

Dice and Thunder were tasked to download what they could from the manifest, the ship’s Black Box and flight computers.

The Black Box yielded little information as to how the Golden South crashed, but carbon scoring on the hull along with analysis of the residue indicates the vessel was attacked by pirates, most likely White Maw as they have the largest presence on planet.