Deployment Report

Planet: Hoth
Formation Size: 12
Troops in Formation: Major Qorbin, Captain Viozaer, Sergeant Chadeaux, Sergeant Zidd, Corporal Riike, Specialist Krev, Specialist Neilsen, Specialist Mirshe, Specialist Illumori, Specialist Kateri, Trooper Rallkon, Trooper Holdn
Areas Patrolled: Whiterock Wastes, Icefall Plains, Highmount Ridge, Clabburn Tundra
Initial Contact: 2100hrs

Contact Report

Enemy Encountered: Local Imperial Garrison Troops
Friendly/Neutral Encountered: None
Contact Summary:

“At approximately 2100 local time, Alpha Company deployed on planet and was briefed as too the nature of their mission. After Major Oca completed his briefing, command of the unit was given over to Captain Foboma for cold weather acclimation drills. While conducting drills in the Glacial Fissure area of Hoth, Alpha Company begin experiencing comm failure. It was suspected to be jamming interference coming from the nearby Imperial Outpost known as “Thesh”. Upon instructions from Captain Foboma, Alpha Company assaulted the base, killing the majority of the local garrison. With the formation providing security, Trooper Rallkon and Trooper Holden swept the bunker for Intel. The two troopers recovered what they could before the formation exfil’ed and proceeded to the next objective. Alpha Company pushed south towards Outpost Leth. Using precision tactics, Alpha Company subdued the local garrison, again recovering what Intel they could. Word got out the Alpha Company next target was the Imperial Forward Bunker, by the time they arrived, the bunker had been abandon and all classified intelligence had been destroyed. Alpha Company disabled the EW station and proceeded back to the “AA”. All captured documents were handed over to command and Major Oca dismissed the formation at 2300hrs.”