On April Eighteenth, Two Thousand Sixteen, near Outpost Largona, Tatooine, Tatoo System, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories, Alpha Company was conducting patrols of nearby supply routes.

At approximately 2040 local time, while serving as Squad Leader, Second Squad, First Platoon, Alpha Company, 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion, Sergeant Eos encountered a large Mandalorian force along the pathway south of Largona.

Sergeant Eos, caught between the crossfire of an enemy ambush, put himself in the line of devastating enemy fire as he maneuvered his squad to a covered position from which they could effectively defend themselves and return fire on enemy positions.

Though wounded, he continued to direct fire and his leadership under fire inspired his men to fight at great risk to their own safety, resulting in the enemy’s eventual retreat. His professionalism and dedication to duty are in keeping with the finest traditions of the army and reflect great credit upon himself, the 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion, and the Republic Army.