Primus Pilus

Recruitment Poster

Training Manual

It is recommended that you print this manual for easy reference during game play (About 50 Pages).

Steeped in the finest traditions and forged over decades of brutal war, the training of the Aquilonian Legions is surpassed by few nations.  Having been schooled in the art of warfare and tactics, the survivors of the "Battle of Tuscelan" now pass on those same traditions to their newly formed band of mercenaries that call themselves "Primus Pilus", in honor of their fallen comrades.

Section Index

Section #1:

Recruitment Bylaws

Section #2:

Code of Conduct

Section #3:

Chain of Command

Section #4:

Raid and Loot Procedures

Section #5:

Operational Gear and Weapons

Section #6:

Roleplaying Guidelines

Section #7:

Compound Guidelines

Section #8:

Bank Guidelines and Overview

Section #9:

Application Procedures

Appendix #1:

Version Notes

Appendix #2:

Ventrilo Information

Appendix #3:


Appendix #4: