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Commando Changes in 2.7

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  • Commando Changes in 2.7

    Here is a list of the currently planned changes for the Commando in 2.7:

    • Tech Override now has a base cooldown of 60 seconds.
    • ;Full Auto will now deal 4 ticks of damage instead of 3, with the first tick of damage occurring at ability activation. The total damage of the ability is unchanged, so each new tick of damage will do slightly less than before.

    Combat Medic
    • Combat Shields is now a Tier 2 Skill.
    • Efficient Conversions is now a Tier 3 Skill.

    • Overclock now reduces the cooldown of Tech Override by 7.5/15.
    • Steadied Aim now prevents 50%/100% of pushbacks towards Full Auto, Charged Bolts and Grav Rounds.
    • Curtain of Fire now has a 33%/67%/100% chance to occur when using Grav Round or Charged Bolts.
    • Special Munitions will now reduce the cost of High Impact Bolt by 3/6/9 Heat/Ammo while in Armor Piercing Cell.

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    What dictates the percentages of CoF chance?


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      Curtain of Fire is a 3-point talent in the Gunnery tree. Currently it's 15/30/45% chance to proc off a Grav Round or Charged Bolt. What this buff does is it eliminates the RNG element of a fully specced Gunnery Commando, thereby increasing the level of efficiency and DPS that the Commando puts out.

      Right now, Assault Commandos are topping the parses for overall DPS, but with this change, it looks like Gunnery might finally step out in front by a margin. The energy reduction for HIB will definitely play a part as well.


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        Keep in mind that I've been playing a commando since launch, so I know the class. I just forgot that the skill tree decides the percent chances
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          This changes my DPS rotation a bit, I'll be dropping FA a lot now. With the higher proc rate I can see resource management being as big of an issue as before the Grav Round debuff was reworked.

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