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AAR (04/30/16) Patrol on Rishi

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  • AAR (04/30/16) Patrol on Rishi

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: COL Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Rishi
    Formation Size: 11
    Troops in Formation:
    SGT Illumori Victus
    SGT Nakari Kass'l
    SGT Eroca Romaniski
    CPL Arradow Cabur
    CPL Derzis Derzelas
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Gorale Inrokini
    SPC Scarlette Isles
    SPC Groderick Rubeus
    TPR Jekserso Hawk
    TPR Fredreck Malabu

    Areas Patrolled: Slave Island
    Initial Contact: 1925


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: Straig <Reformation>
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: Hawk <House Panteer>
    Contact Summary:
    At 1900 Alpha Company assembled in front of the Blaster's Path Cantina, on Rishi. After the initial briefing we started to march towards Skyline Fall camp, where we took a transport to Slave Island. Shortly after our arrival, we encountered numerous pirates, that were killed on spot, no questions asked. We discovered the reason why the place was called Slave Island: numerous civilians that were enslaved, and had multiple wounds. SGT Victus tented to their wounds along with SPC Starfollower. Shortly after finding a third slave, a mandalorian appeared. He claimed that he was from clan Epsis, and that he was there to kill the slavers. Seeing as our goals were, in one way or another, very similar, we stayed out of each others way.
    We finally found the stolen supplies in the middle of the islad, after SPC Scarlette correctly identified the right container where they were deposited. After contacting a Republic ship, we managed to upload the supplies along with several slaves that still needed medical care.

    Positive Points:
    • Great Stealth Scan discipline
    • A lot of people atended
    • Good RP

    Negative Points:
    • We didn't encounter any imperial forces to fight
    • A Jedi kept attacking the mandalorian with which we were RP-ing.

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation: Even tho we didn't fight any imperials, we still had a good time RP-ing.


    Report Filed By: CPL Derzis Derzelas