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[RP] Arrest of Kronvyr Ditech 05/05/2016

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  • [RP] Arrest of Kronvyr Ditech 05/05/2016

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Nar Shaddaa
    Formation Size: 12
    Troops in Formation:
    LT Kjvago Mahr
    LT Dronos Eos
    SGT Nakari Kass’l
    SGT Illumori Victus
    SGT Eroca Romaniski
    CPL Derzis Derzelas
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Weslo Fallgan
    SPC Thavious
    SPC Groderick Rubeus
    TPR Igarith Organa
    TPR Fredreck Malabu

    Areas Patrolled:High Security Lockdown


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: Theca Initiative (Kronvyr Ditech, Gileam (Legacy Unknown), Riar’skaetrieya Krynn’dynsae, Donnovan Philaris, Sethrii (Legacy Unknown) )
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: Na’batt’nuruodo
    Contact Summary: Sergeant Kass’l received intel from an informant in the SIS regarding the defection of an agent by the name of Kronvyr Ditech. Ditech had betrayed the Republic, and had been running a paramilitary group for five years without the knowledge of the SIS. Her contact, Na’batt’nuruodo indicated that a meeting had been set up with Ditech, in a remote sector of Nar Shaddaa, and requested Alpha Company’s presence as well as their assistance in setting up an ambush to apprehend the traitor. Sergeant Kass’l and Lieutenant Mahr set out days ahead of the meeting date to scout out the terrain and analyze the best method to spring their raid. On the date of the meeting, Alpha Company troops lay in wait as Na’batt’nuruodo met briefly with Ditech. When given the signal, Alpha Company emerged from their hiding places, and captured all but one of Ditech’s allies (with Lieutenant Mahr delivering a rather skillful tackle of the nearest potential combatant, Donnovan Philaris). Ditech and his comrades were turned over to the SIS for further processing and questioning.

    Positive Points:
    - Excellent RP, and patience, from everyone involved. The unit seemed to be enjoying themselves.
    - Unit received high praise from members of House Kil’ndar/Theca Initiative for their hiding skills, ambush, and capture of everyone so quickly and effeciently.

    Negative Points:
    -Most everyone was fairly new to the RP centric event, and the process left a few a little confused.

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:Overall it was a delightful event, and I hope that we are able to do more like this in the future.


    Report Filed By: SGT Nakari Kass’l