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AAR: Operation Face Off 04||24||16

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  • AAR: Operation Face Off 04||24||16

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Corellia
    Formation Size: 16
    Troops in Formation:
    CPT Dany
    LT Kj'vago
    LT Dronos
    1SG Ranqe
    1SG Ricky
    SGT Nakari
    SGT Eroca
    SGT Illumori
    CPL Aradow
    CPL Derzis
    SPC Ronos
    SPC Scarelette
    SPC Thavious
    SPC Weslo
    SPC Percer
    TPR Jekerso

    Areas Patrolled: Labor Valley, Axial Park
    Initial Contact: 1800hrs


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: <Aliit Kyram'galaar>
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: N/A
    Contact Summary:

    Dronos Eos3 (2).jpg

    Afternoon 203rd, this is Lieutenant Eos following up on recent events here on Corellia. The clan known as Aliit Kyram'galaar attacked this key Core World for high end military weapons. For the last couple months this Mandalorian clan has attacked outlying territories, and independent systems out in Hutt-Space, but even this was a bold move on their part.

    SIS and our Ghost Recon team confirmed at 0900 hours 4 mysterious cargo ships landed in Labor Valley. It was confirmed that these Mandalorians used old Republic security travel codes to secure their landing close to a nearby Republic docking station. Ghost Recon received images from SIS of stolen crates, and large storage bins filled with military weapons.

    0930 hours Colonel Oca ordered a platoon, led by myself to head down and recover the lost cargo and return it back to Republic hands, no matter the cost.

    1400 hours the platoon arrived in Corellian space. Be flying down planet-side, Ghost Recon reported in that a large force of Mandalorian clansmen are awaiting cargo ships to help load their stolen goods back to Concord Dawn.

    1520 hours, the platoon landed in Labor valley, Corellia. Final orders were given by myself, with a final medical check for the platoon by 1SG Runninglighter and SGT Victus. At 1535 hours, the platoon headed through a northern path out west before heading south towards the stolen cargo.

    1600 hours the platoon approached the Mandalorian force from the west, looking to surprise them. Unfortunately, we came under heavy fire, they were ready and we underestimated our enemy. With several attempts to turn the tide of the fight, we could not defeat the overwhelming numbers. As for the stolen cargo, the Mandalorians were able to to load their winnings and send the unmarked cargo ships back to Concord Dawn. A full retreat was made. We had several burn injuries, and a few blaster related wounds to our brothers and sisters.

    1800 hours, Ghost recon sent images of a Republic cargo ship attempting to leave the planet. The Mandalorians were responsible for this, and looked to attempt to steal yet another cargo ship filled with military weapons located in Axial Park.

    1830 The recovered platoon looked to salvage a victory and even the score against the Mandalorians. Heh it's a damn good thing we know our Republic streets, we beat the Mandalorians to the ship and secured a perimeter around it. The Mandalorians cme in at full strength looking to gain a second victory over our troopers, but not on this night. The platoon had a strong presence of tactical minds from our NCO core, like 1SG Rakehell, and with that experience we had the edge on how to dictate the fight. The platoon engaged with the Mandalorian force for several hours, as the night sky got darker, so did the hopes of the Mandalorians. We were able to force Kyram'galaar to retreat, most of their forces either escaped or died with a few unaccounted for.

    2200 hours, Alpha Company recovered all the cargo from the fallen cargo ship and returned it to [redacted] for safe keeping.

    We have several Ghost Recon members tracking the clans movements as we speak, and as more valid intel comes through, I'll update accordingly.

    Until next time, Dronos out....

    Positive Points:
    • Event was a success, very large turn out for both guilds
    • Both guilds had lots of fun
    • RP in between the fights went smoothly and was fun.
    • Excellent WPvP experience for all members.
    • Both guilds respected each-other.
    • Beginning of our Mando v Trooper story arc. Much too look forward to.
    Negative Points:
    • Scans
    • Time in-between fights shouldn't be as long.
    • Better scouting of terrain.
    • Some misunderstanding on the rules.
    • *For myself* Lack of target calls.
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:

    Yes super late AAR lol

    First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended this event, this was a fun event for me and I feel for everyone who attended. The first of a new story arc is now in motion, and with all the things I was able to observe, going forward I'll deliver a better quality event for us all.

    Overall, the event went really well. With the end result being tied at 1-1 it added a small amount of fun anxiety to the event as we came from behind on battle won to tie the score. This a fun platoon to work with, Platoon Commanders, Platoon Sergeants, and Squad Leaders helped keep the entire platoon in-check as we defended Axial Park's objective.

    However we do need more practice, this includes myself. I fell into a comfort zone allowing other members lead target calling instead of taking charge on that myself. As more opportunities on the field present themselves, I will improve in that area. The platoon as a whole still needs to work on the small things like scans. This shouldn't take anything away from our moments of success but it does show we have a lot of rust to shake off against good competition.

    I'll continue to work with Aliit Kyram'galaar and see to it that the next event is as or more enjoyable that this one, thanks again for your support through attendance.


    Report Filed By: LT Eos

    "On the battlefield, I will leave no man or woman behind. As part of Alpha Company, we will do our Republic proud maintaining peace in the galaxy one system at a time." - Dronos Eos