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AAR (05/06/16) The Trap on the Black Hole

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  • Patrol AAR (05/06/16) The Trap on the Black Hole

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report

    Unit Information
    Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: COL Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: The Black Hole
    Formation Size: 11
    Troops in Formation:
    COL Qorbin Oca
    LT Kjvago Mahr
    SGT Eroca Romaniski
    CPL Derzis Derzelas
    CPL Aradow Cabur
    SPC Groderick Rubeus
    SPC Gorale Irokini
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Scarlette Isles
    TPR Jekerso Hawk
    TPR Igriatith Organa
    TPR Lotus Kett

    Areas Patrolled: The Black Hole
    Initial Contact: 2100hrs


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered:

    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: Trey-trey Chan

    Contact Summary

    "The 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion will be in the area investigating the continued chemical contamination of the region. The Black Hole has been plagued with a notorious string of bad luck when it comes to chemical spills.The number is so high, that the Corellian government had deemed it suspicious. CorSec was originally tasked with the case and began their investigation immediately. They originally found little information from the area and its inhabitants; however, after further inquiry. CorSec discovered some very interesting intel that could prove these spills to be no accident. When the officers attempted to return to headquarters with this information, they were attacked and ultimately killed, by some mysterious foe. CorSec does not have the man-power currently to lead an investigation of this sort, especially following the recent deaths within the organization. .

    Alpha Company, who happened to be in the area, has been asked to step in to stop the chemical spills and bring these criminals to justice. We will do as we have been ordered and assist the Corellians with their troubles in Black Hole."

    The 203rd landed in the Black Hole region around 2100hrs. After forming up and with permission from LT. Mahr, SGT Romaniski lead the investigation through the area. Eroca was skeptical as to why they had been asked to intervene and how these "criminals" could have remained elusive for so long. The SitRep made sense on paper, but once they were there, everything seemed as normal as usual. Torvik gang members still roamed the area and the chemical spills continued to happened frequently. There was no physical evidence as to anything being wrong. There were just a couple of reports filed by CorSec.

    To be as thorough as possible, SGT Romaniski checked certain places throughout the area for something, anything to be out of place. Outside of Cpl. Derzelas finding a couple credit chits and the squad cracking discreet jokes about LT. Mahrs "extra-curricular activities", it was business as usual in the Black Hole sector.

    It wasn't until Acoy was formed up and ready to move out that the real "excitement" happened. Cpl. Derzelas, the comm technician, informed the squad that the Torik had received word from command about various terrorist-esque attacks taking place throughout the Core Worlds. Their targets were later determined to be "casualty minimal", meaning they picked not so-populated areas, but still did enough damage to attract attention. Out of all the Core Worlds hit though, Corellia had not been attacked. As soon as the information was received, SGT Romaniski could hear the familiar sound of a bomber zooming through the sky at what her in field experience would classify as "raiding proximity". Immediately as the sound registered her ears, she called for Alpha Company to move. They barely made it to cover, as the bomber dropped a shell on their former position.

    Another message was received, a simple ominous promise, "Next time..." It became clear as Eroca tried to catch her breath that they had been lured to this planet, but by whom?


    Positive Points:
    • Great turnout.
    • RP opportunities were taken, which is always awesome.
    Negative Points:
    • Another patrol without Imperial contact
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:

    Pretty decent RP, managed to take up a whole hour, which is great; however, we have seen no Imperials or fellow Republic guilds for a couple patrols now. I think, besides posting our patrols on the appropriate website, we should also endeavour to reach out to different guilds for either PvP or RP opportunities.


    Report Filed By: SGT. Eroca Romaniski
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