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AAR 05/27/2016- Operation Deathmatch

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  • AAR 05/27/2016- Operation Deathmatch

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Ilum
    Formation Size: 10
    Troops in Formation:

    1SG Ranqe Runninglighter
    SGT Illumori Victus
    CPL Derzis Derzelas
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Scarlette Isles
    SPC Percer Zald
    SPC Fredreck Var
    SPC Aradow Cabur
    SPC Igriatith Shadowkiller
    TPR Albizzia Taelynfae
    TPR Tav'end Meridias

    Event Location: Gree event area

    Contact Report:


    Alpha Company partook in a new type of pvp event to practice working together as fireteams and to practice using comms efficiently. Acoy faced a tough opponent in Brotherhood and there were some issues that caused certain complications in the event. The fighting may not have gone our way, but many members who aren't used to fighting as a fireteam learnt the values of communication and working as a team. The day may not have been ours, but the experience earnt will go a long way for some. Although some things could have been organised slightly better, the event went well overall, and improvements will be made to ensure it runs more smoothly if it is to ever happen again!

    Positive points:
    -Great turnout from Alpha made for a nice variety of teams.
    -Comms disciplined was well respected for those that were fighting
    -New experience for some who were fighting as fireteams
    -People stood out and worked together when having to communicate

    Negative Points:
    -Had some issues with ''teabagging''
    -Had some disconnections from brotherhood making us test our patience and cause a complicated last round
    -Some rounds took too long
    -Area of battle was too big for the teams. Had both factions just sit and wait for each other at times

    Overall assesment and recommendations:

    I really appreciate the awesome turnout and seeing how we were professional and patient throughout the event. Some improvements will be made on the size of the map and changing the rules a bit to have it run more smoothly if it happens again. I feel like this type of event has good potential and can be a good way to get specialists and troopers to work together and get some chemistry going!

    Report filed by: Spc Aradow Cabur
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