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AAR (5/23/16) Wargames Exercise with Enclave of the Jedi

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  • AAR (5/23/16) Wargames Exercise with Enclave of the Jedi

    AAR: Combat Patrol Template

    Division of the Republic Army

    After Action Report

    Unit Information
    Unit: 203rd REL "Alpha Company"
    C.O.: Major Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Tatooine
    Formation Size: 13
    Troops in Formation:
    COL Qorbin Oca
    CPT Dany Galaar
    1LT Dronos Eos
    1LT Kjvago Mahr
    1SG Ranque Runninglighter
    SGT Illumori Victus
    SPC Fredreck Var
    SPC Katsuma Kegawa
    SPC Percer Zald
    SPC Ronos Starflower
    SPC Tav'end Meridias
    SPC Zavock Cierne
    TRP Rhyies Blacknight

    Areas Patrolled: Outlaws Den
    Initial Contact: 2000 EST


    Contact Report:

    Enemy Encountered:

    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: <Enclave of the Jedi>

    Contact Summary: Alpha Company personnel arrived at Outpost Salara for a training exercise simulating combat using stun bolts and training sabers. A quick meeting with the days OpFor and a briefing was held before we headed out to get started.

    The first engagement: Alpha started South, OpFor started North. Ghost spotted the OpFor headed straight for us past the large central building in a confident and aggresive manner. The formation moved up into the cliffs in search of favorable terrain, as this was happening the OpFor gathered up by a small round structure just south of the central building. Alpha Company forces decided to stage a defense of a choke point at the peak of the cliffs. Unfortunately due to trying to manage a number of things at the same time, a majority of the formation set up at the edge of the cliffs, in critical danger of getting knocked off. Fortunately for us, the OpFor did not take advantage of this when the engagement started. The engagement started with an unexpected harpoon from the OpFor and a quick incapacitation of LT Mahr. Preliminary force evaluation uncovered no combatants armed with harpoons among the OpFor and the reinforcement was not spotted. LT Mahr was quickly revived by SGT Victus and the rest of the combat was a slow grind. Neither side getting any advantage until eventually our medics were overwhelmed. Alpha Company forces suffered from a lack of focused fire. This was addressed and harped upon during the short recess between engagements.

    The second engagement: Alpha started North, OpFor started South. Alpha entered the combat area and traveled slowly and carefully southward while waiting for Ghost to get eyes on. Ghost had a difficult time finding the OpFor at first but after a few minutes, they were spotted down by the dueling pit. Ghost reported that they were jumping around and not paying attention. Despite the engagement area being an open field Alpha Company charged in to take advantage of the OpFor's inattention. The engament was started with a harpoon from 1SG Runninglighter and focused fire quickly taking down one of the OpFor's leaders. After that, focused fire quickly took down the remaining combatants as they came in range in small groups rather than a cohesive force.

    The third engagement: Alpha started South, OpFor started North. Alpha traveled northward with the intention of meeting the OpFor by the large central building and using it to create a favorable engagement. This was not to be. Instead, Ghost spotted the OpFor taking shelter inside a small hut just north of the central building. Seeing this opportunity Alpha Company charged up to the hut at all haste in order. The order was given for 1SG Runninglighter to pin the OpFor inside the hut while the rest of the unit filled the confined area with simulated explosives. After the barrage of explosives and indiscriminate spray of stun bolts only three remained standing of the OpFor. Two of them had ducked out of the hut and the third must have survived the inferno through some kind of force assisted miracle. Those three were then quickly dispatched with focused fire.

    The fourth engagement: Alpha started North, OpFor started South. At this point the OpFor had dwindled slightly in numbers. Alpha Company headed southward quickly as Ghost spotted the OpFor on the cliffs where the first engagement had happened. We approached the cliffs from the bottom and traveled the long way along the bottom of the cliffs to get to the ramp up while hoping for a lucky harpoon target to poke it's head over the edge. No such opportunity presented itself. We then headed up the ramp straight for the OpFor and opened with a harpoon and focused fire on the OpFor's leader before taking the remaining combatants down with overwhelming numbers.

    After the four engagements we all gathered at Outpost Salara again for a quick debrief and to thank Enclave of the Jedi for coming to participate and be our OpFor.

    Positive Points:
    We learned a valuable lesson about focus fire.
    Turnout was great.
    Enclave of the Jedi was very easy to work with in organizing this event.

    Negative Points:
    A few hiccups due to 4.3 changes had us starting about 30 min late.

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:
    This was a great event. I think both sides had fun and I plan to do this again with a variety of guilds. Next month I'm running it with Remnants of Hope, after that someone else. Maybe we'll do it again with Enclave if they want to in four months or so.

    Report Filed by: 1LT Kjvago Mahr
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