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AAR: Guild Video Recording 06/07/16

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  • AAR: Guild Video Recording 06/07/16

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa
    Formation Size: 17
    Troops in Formation:
    LT Kj'vago
    LT Dronos
    SGT Illumori
    SGT Eroca
    SPC Aradow
    SPC Weslo
    SPC Percer
    SPC Fredrick
    SPC Albizzia
    SPC Daxtron
    SPC Rhyies
    SPC Ares
    TPR O'sias
    TPR Hhjet
    TPR Junlar
    TPR Sorvik
    TPR Luxt

    Areas Patrolled:
    Marcanan *'Murica* Zone, Balmorra
    Industrial Sector, Nar Shaddaa
    Casino, Nar Shaddaa
    Initial Contact: 1900


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: N/A
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: N/A
    Contact Summary:

    - Simply recorded shots on Balmorra then went to headed out to Nar Shaddaa and recorded several scenes there. These shots will be used in the latest video promo.

    Positive Points:
    • A high number came out to support the video recording!
    • Everyone had the patience to survive about two hours worth of their day, thank you for that.
    • Many shots came out very clean because of teamwork
    • Ideas from those present helped create an opportunity for a funner video, thanks for the ideas guys!
    • Got enough footage to finish putting the video together.
    • Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.
    Negative Points:
    • Late comers did push initial recordings back 20 minutes.
    • Minor comm indiscipline happened when it was time to focus.
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:

    This was great guys! Honestly thank you for your time and effort, you all kicked ass. I believe events like this are special because it requires us, the guild, to make something great happen as a team. Should this next video get approved, I do hope it represents the many layers of our guild and that you all enjoy watching it as much as I hope you will. Though these do require time and effort, promotions for the guild are nice to explore like videos, posters, social media, etc. Frequency isn't needed but I do hope to record mini short 30 second promo shots once I have more free time.

    Anyways, fight as one and thanks again!


    Report Filed By: LT Eos
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    "On the battlefield, I will leave no man or woman behind. As part of Alpha Company, we will do our Republic proud maintaining peace in the galaxy one system at a time." - Dronos Eos