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AAR: Operation Frostbite 06||12||16

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  • AAR: Operation Frostbite 06||12||16

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Hoth
    Formation Size: 27
    Troops in Formation:
    COL Qorbin Oca
    CPT Dany Galaar
    LT Kj'vago Mahr
    LT Dronos Eos
    1SG Ranque Runninglighter
    SGT Nakari Kass'l
    SGT Eroca Romaniski
    SGT Illumori Victus
    SPC Aradow Cabur
    SPC Ben'ux Az'reali
    SPC Davren Kex
    SPC Daxtron Deszan
    SPC Derzis Derzales
    SPC Fredrick Var
    SPC Junlar Letan
    SPC Katsuma Freelance
    SPC Lotus Kett
    SPC Percer Zald
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Sib Brewmaster
    SPC Thavious Eldersign
    SPC Vejovis Bloodlord
    SPC Weslo Fallgan
    SPC Zavock Cierne
    TPR Hhjet Py'ren
    TPR Luxt Vega
    TPR Sorvik Threka

    Areas Patrolled: Glacial Fissure and Clabburn Tundra
    Initial Contact: 2030hrs


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: <Aliit Kyram'galaar>
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: N/A
    Contact Summary:
    AAR photo size.jpg

    ||Incoming transmission...||
    ||Designator: ER-2887||
    ||LT Dronos Eos...||

    Good afternoon Alpha Company, this is your Lieutenant transmitting a follow up report on what has happened recently here on Hoth. Republic SIS over the last week had been in communications with our Recon team on pirate activities in the Glacial Fissure zones. A large movement of mobile artillery and White Maw Gang affiliates had stationed themselves in the southern regions close to an Imperial base, Outpost Leth.

    SIS and our Recon team set out small teams to investigate this new development. What was discovered were these forces were headed towards a hidden Republic facility in the southern most region. This facility was approved by the Senate to invest its resources on new technology in hopes to create new ways to fight off the Zakuulan Army. Once confirmed of the White Maw's intent, our Recon team stayed to give continued updates as the the 203rd prepped for launch.

    With the approval of Colonel Oca, Alpha Company were ordered to send in a full Platoon and two Assault Groups to Hoth to eliminate an enemies threatening to attack the facility. While in route to the Icy planet, the White Maw invaded the facility facing little resistance from local Republic forces. Ghost Recon and SIS sent photos and transmission that the White Maw were not working alone, the Gang were holding the facility for Aliit Kyram'galaar, the Mandalorian clan that we have engaged with in recent months. Orders were changed, Colonel Oca ordered the same 203rd force deployed to recover the stolen facility and shoot on sight any White Maw and Kyram'galaar members.

    We arrived planet side at a local Republic base at 2000hrs, Ghost Recon reorganized and were ordered to have create two clear paths for us to move our men and women safely south towards the facility. 2020hrs two paths were created for our ground forces and a final debrief was given by the command staff. Our ground forces traveled the icy terrain south towards the Republic facility. Enemy forces were well positioned and guarded for any Republic resistance.

    2030hrs our forces engaged the Mandalorian force in battle just within the barriers of the outer construction site of the facility. We engaged and defeated the unorganized clan pushing them back to the entrance of the base. We were kept back momentarily as White Maw members came in to assist their associates. The clan regrouped for a final stand while we eliminated the second threat. 2100hrs I ordered a final attack to eliminate the Mandalorian threat, thanks to our Ghost Recon, they saved several lives during that attack. SPC Eldersign suffered heavy injuries and was removed from the field for extensive treatments, he's still recovering aboard the Alrek.

    The battle did not last very long and the Republic base was recovered. SIS and fellow Republic military were sent in to gut out the facility and move its contents to a classified location closer to the Core Territories.

    SIS sent out a distress call that their outpost subject to be attacked by Kyram'galaar, possibly to remove any covert activity by the Republic on Hoth. Regardless we responded to the call and arrived just before the Mandalorian force reached the outpost. With a demoralized force, the Mandalorians fought more ruthlessly than before. Our forces fought for several hours as the Clan pushed us to our limits before we trapped them between the built in barriers. There an order to Mortar Volley was sent, and all Mando'ade were eliminated.

    Operation Frostbite was a success Alpha Company, well done. Any follow ups to this operation, contact me in private when I return. LT Eos out.

    ||Transmission end...||

    Positive Points:
    • Largest number of members online at one time for any event in over a year. OORRAAHH!
    • Great teamwork
    • Because of large numbers, Rank roles were used more often.
    • Comm-discipline was excellent.
    • Ghost Recon as a whole did their assigned roles well.
    • Ranks in the front-lines kept formations clean for the most part.
    • An Arrowhead formation was used for the assault.
    • Only one death in the entire operation.
    • Everyone had fun
    • Q riding a Tauntaun, 'nuff said.
    Negative Points:
    • Our opposition didn't have the numbers to keep our numbers in play as a whole.
    • We started 20 minutes late.
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:

    - 27 Alpha Company members and a platoon and a half in formation need I say more? This event showed what we have accomplished since we transferred from Jung Ma just over two months ago.

    Overall this event went really good. For having such a large number we had great voice-comm discipline with all members staying focused and listening to orders. Our formations when we were on the move were maintained for the most part. This was possible with having a 1SG control the large herd while the rest of us kept moving. With one full First Element, recon team members we were able to utilize two Ghost Recon members to protect our healers and back-line while the other two continued to be our eyes on the battlefield, well done Ghost Recon. All other ranks did great to execute an Arrowhead formation while on the move with that many members, great job focusing on formations while in the fight guys.

    There was a point where for fair-play we did have to cut down our numbers in-half per battle to respect the numbers of the opposing side. I tip my hat off to everyone who patiently waited for their chance to get back into the fight. Hopefully future events we'll find ways to better accommodate our numbers.

    This was our part 2 of our story-arc with Kyram'galaar. We were victorious in all our fights, because of that we will have a POW from their guild in our part 3 event should they continue to plan events with us. Kyram'galaar has given us two large scale WPvP events and we do appreciate their time and effort to field teams to fight us. I'll continue to be in contact with them alongside any other officer to help make sure we can continue to get them plan with us.

    Recommendation for Medals:

    Crafter's Award of Excellence - SGT Victus - For his above average production of gearing our members new and old with the augments needed to field a strong Company force like today.

    If possible,

    Legion of Combat - Members listed in this AAR - For staying focused and listening to orders given throughout the operation. With 27 members it could easily have gotten disorganized, but our training practices were shown through focused formations and comm-discipline during this event.

    Purple Heart - SPC Thavious Eldersign - For being severely wounded in battle. His heroics saved many Alpha Company members by take the bulk of an explosion coming from a Tracer Missile.


    Report Filed By: LT Dronos Eos
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    "On the battlefield, I will leave no man or woman behind. As part of Alpha Company, we will do our Republic proud maintaining peace in the galaxy one system at a time." - Dronos Eos