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AAR 6/9/16 BRC

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  • AAR 6/9/16 BRC

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca
    Deployment Report
    Planet: Hoth
    Formation Size: 10
    Troops in Formation:
    1LT Kjvago Mahr
    SPC Albizzia Taelynfae
    SPC Daxtron Deszan
    SPC Junlar Letan
    SPC Ronos Starfollower
    SPC Weslo Fallgan
    TRP Avineel Shun
    TRP Hhjet Pyren
    TRP Luxt Vega
    Areas Patrolled: Clabburn Tundra and Glacial Fissure
    Initial Contact: 1900 EST
    Contact Report
    Enemy Encountered: None
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: None
    Contact Summary:
    We conducted a Basic Reconaisance Course to teach the fundamental skills needed to perform the reconnaissance role within Alpha Company. We taught not just the role of recon scouts, but also advanced intelligence gathering and reporting techniques.

    We finished the course with some practical exercises utilizing the terrain that would be featured during Operation Frostbite a few days later. We split up into two groups, a non-stealth group and a stealth group.

    The first exercise was in the Glacial Fissure in the area the mandalorians would be defending. The non-stealth group was instructed to place themselves within the assigned area as though they were defending it and then stand still. I placed myself far away so that I had no vision inside the compound. The stealth group were instructed to enter the compound and paint me a picture of what was happening inside the compound before I returned and looked to see whether the image I had in my mind matched the actual placement.

    The second exercise was in the Clabburn Tundra where I placed myself within the base that we would be defending and instructed the non-stealth team to make their way to me from the imperial base. They were allowed to split up or stay together and take any route they wanted as long as they didn’t have to jump in order to take their chosen route. The stealth group were instructed to keep me appraised of their movements as they were approaching me.

    Positive Points:
    Good turnout

    Negative Points:
    A lot of people showed up almost an hour late
    A lot of people left early
    The people listed in the AAR are the only attendees who will be receiving credit on the Orbat

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation: Short notice but necessary event to train our scouts before the upcoming WPvP events.
    Report Filed By: LT Kjvago Mahr
    "Fear is the mind-killer."