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AAR 6/14/16 Wargames Exercise

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  • AAR 6/14/16 Wargames Exercise

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information

    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca
    Deployment Report
    Planet: Tatooine
    Formation Size: 14
    Troops in Formation:
    CPT Dany Galaar
    1LT Dronos Eos
    1LT Kjvago Mahr
    1SG Ranque Runninglighter
    SGT Nakari Kass’l
    SPC Aradow Cabur
    SPC Fredreck Var
    SPC L-otus Kett
    SPC Luxt Vega
    SPC Percer Zald
    SPC Sorvik Threka
    SPC Weslo Fallgan
    SPC Zavock Cierne
    TRP O’sias Suun
    Areas Patrolled: Outlaws Den
    Initial Contact: 2000 EST
    Contact Report
    Enemy Encountered: None
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: <Remnants of Hope>
    Contact Summary:
    We conducted another wargames exercise with a Republic aligned group. We had to lower our numbers to match theirs and therefore took turns fighting with a variety of leaders. Both lieutenants, 1SG Runninglighter, and CPT Galaar took turns leading the men.

    We fought almost ten engagements over the course of about two hours, all of which were won by Alpha Company.

    Positive Points:
    Good turnout
    Remnants were happy
    Remnants want to do it again

    Negative Points:
    Low turnout from Remnants.

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation: Some fun small engagements. Due to low turnout from Remnants, we were unable to field our entire force at once and the largest engagements were only 6 v 5.

    Recommendation for Medals:
    Combined Arms Medal - All members in attendance
    - For exemplary conduct with outside Republic forces.
    Report Filed By: LT Kjvago Mahr
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