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AAR: Yavin IV Gathering Patrol 6/13/2016

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  • AAR: Yavin IV Gathering Patrol 6/13/2016

    AAR: Combat Patrol Template

    [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]01-21-2012, 07:33 AM[/COLOR]

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report
    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

    Deployment Report

    Planet: Yavin IV
    Formation Size: 6
    Troops in Formation:
    LT Kjvago Mahr
    LT Dronos Eos
    SGT Nakari Kass'l
    SPC Fronos Var
    SPC Sib Brewmaster
    SPC Luxt Vega

    Areas Patrolled: Verdant Swamp, Training Grounds, Massassi Village, Temple Ruins


    Contact Report

    Enemy Encountered: Multiple native species, Massassi, and one Sith KitKat
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: N/A
    Contact Summary: The small force set out to patrol Yavin IV, scouring the planet for resources, which were found in abundance to resupply the Company's biochemists. As a group we moved from the initial camp in the Verdant Swamp, and swept through all the areas leading to the Temple Ruins where we encountered only one Sith who refused to answer our questions, and so we eliminated them with prejudice.
    Positive Points:
    • Quick, easy run where we gathered supplies for Company crafters.
    Negative Points:
    • Limited enemy contact.
    Overall Assessment and Recommendation: Probably could have advertised the event more on public forums to increase enemy contact.


    Report Filed By: SGT Nakari Kass'l