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AAR 6/25/16 : Operation Wild Goose

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  • AAR 6/25/16 : Operation Wild Goose

    Division of the Republic Army
    After Action Report

    Unit Information
    Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
    C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca
    Deployment Report
    Planet: Tatooine
    Formation Size: 14
    Troops in Formation:
    LT Dronos Eos
    1SG Ranque Runninglighter
    SGT Eroca Romanski
    CPL Weslo Fallgan
    CPL Illumori Victus
    SPC Aradow Cabur
    SPC Junlar Letan
    SPC Jakerso Hawk
    SPC Katsuma Freelance
    SPC Percer Zald
    SPC Scarlette Isles
    SPC Zavock Cierne
    TPR Aluiya Bahor Kraden
    TPR Jhaesa Archus

    Areas Patrolled: Ridgeside Sentry Post, Mos Anek, Outpost Varath
    Initial Contact: 2000 EST
    Enemy Encountered: Imperial Army, Clan Epsis
    Friendly/Neutral Encountered: None

    Contact Summary:
    A wanted war criminal, Admiral Rykroft, was confirmed by intel to have been being escorted by the Imperial Army 47th IEF after a ceremony they were holding. Initial contact was expected East of Ridgeline Sentry Post at a safe house that Imperial Army was confirmed to have been using, but rather a Mandalorian Clan, Clan Epsis, flanked the Alpha Company ranks. Caught off guard, Alpha Company retreated back to gather their forces before engaging once more. Following this, Alpha Company traveled back to their original point of expected contact, East of Ridgeline, and engaged the Imperial Army combatants. Along side the hostile combatants of the Imperial Army was Clan Epsis. Their force was overpowered and both factions retreated back to Outpost Varath.

    Alpha Company gathered their forces once more to prepare for an assault on Outpost Varath. After meeting heavy resistance by many Imperial Guards, droids, and turrets, Alpha Company stormed the base and overtook Epsis and 47th IEF forces once more. Both Epsis and the 47th IEF forces were neutralized, and no prisoners were taken from either force. Outpost Varath also fell into Alpha Company control, but was eventually abandoned to continue onwards to the mission.

    Intel had then been received that the remaining Epsis forces had fled planet, and the remaining Imperial Army forces were pulling out to Mos Anek with their Admiral. While on route to Mos Anek, scouts had intercepted a force of Imperial Army soldiers escorting Admiral Rykroft. An Alpha Company detachment moved to engage the force, and did so successfully. There were no Imperial Army survivors, including the Admiral. This Admiral turned out to be a decoy, as another scouting report had then come in that Admiral Rykroft was on route to Anek from a different direction with one armed guard. The same Alpha Company detachment then changed location and intercepted the small escorted. The one guard was eliminated, and the Admiral was stunned, ready to be transported. The force moved north with the incapacitated Admiral and met up with the remainder of the Alpha Company force. A shuttle was called, and the Admiral was taken back to the R.W.S. Alrek Torek after company debrief.

    Positive Points:
    Good turnout
    Everyone did their roles well
    Complete success of the entire mission
    WPvP on Tatooine
    Very few deaths
    Took over an Imperial Base

    Negative Points:
    Poor Organization
    First Event
    Event went longer than expected
    Leader of event was inexperienced and unsure of what to do at times
    Everyone could not always be included due to Imperial turnouts being low

    Overall Assessment and Recommendation:
    This event allowed for possible future endeavors to be pursued with Imperial Army. Their numbers were lower than expected, but it set-up a decent RP dynamic that can be pursued. Overall the event was a success, and everyone did their part very well. It was a first event for me, so hopefully from here on out I can make something better and learn from previous mistakes.

    Report Filed By: CPL Weslo Fallgan