Division of the Republic Army
After Action Report
Unit Information
Unit: Alpha Company, 203rd REL
C.O.: MAJ Qorbin Oca

Deployment Report

Formation Size: 8
Troops in Formation:

CPT Mij Galaar
1SG Ranque Runninglighter
SPC Ronos Starfollower
SPC Zavock Cierne
SPC Jekserko Hawk
SPC Scarlette Isles
SPC Kallorst Nithron
SPC Fredreck Var

Areas Patrolled: Quesh Mining Camp, Adrenal Valley, Yuna Crosscut
Initial Contact: 2000 EST


Contact Report

Enemy Encountered:
Aliit Rodarch
Friendly/Neutral Encountered: None

Contact Summary:
A combat sized squad was sent out to Quesh, to help replenish the dwindling supplies of adrenals and stims along with medical supplies in the med bay. Intel suggested that no contact would be expected, but be warned for anything. As the squad reached the area, in which the supplies would be procured, a ambush occurred- and the doors to the room were shut, and gas started to spew out.

Due to quick thinking of several of the members, the squad was able to take shelter in a small area in which the gas wouldn't reach. As the gas faded away, the 203rd came out cautiously with weapons drawn, expecting Imperials, but to their surprise, saw Mandolorians. Some talk occurred, with several insults being traded back in forth, but the warriors wouldn't tell their true purpose of the ambush, only their name- Aliit Rodarch. As the squad was about to unleash a torrent of mortars, the Mandolorians jumped in, and managed to make the 203rd retreat due to their overwhelming numbers.

Gorilla Warfare ensued with the Mandolorians deciding to hide, and strike at the weakest points. After several attempts at trying to beat Aliit Rodarch back, it was decided that the risk was not worth the reward. The 203rd went back to the Republic Base in-order to cut their losses. After some talk, they boarded a shuttle back to the Torik, for debrief.

Positive Points:
  • Got some needed WPVP
  • Everyone was patient with connection issues
  • A different type of PvP event, rather than wacking and bashing from base to base
  • Got introduced to Aliit Rodarch in RP
  • Got the datacron

Negative Points:
  • Low turnout, starting with only six or so, and never had more than seven at a time due to lag
  • Constant delay with lag
  • Leader of event was inexperienced and unsure of what to do at times
  • Several of elements of the event and RP were botched due to the Mandos having a bit of a trigger finger
  • Not too much PvP, Mandolorians decided to hide around and let us look for them instead of fighting leaving a sour taste
  • Loss in PvP due to numbers and a better team comp for the Mandolorians
  • Some key parts of an ambush or two were botched due to a vanguard not jumping in to AoE stun
Overall Assessment and Recommendation:
This event allowed for the RP introduction of Aliit Rodarch along with future endeavors. Due to a better team composition and lower numbers (and inexperienced leader) we were not able to win fight. Overall the event could of turned out a lot better, and I would wish to set up something similar in the future as I believe this has a lot of promise, if both sides do their part. This was a first event for me, so hopefully from now on, I can do better (and not be as nervous) and learn from my mistakes.

Report Filed By: SPC Ronos Starfollower