Military Covenant

Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices – including the ultimate sacrifice –; in the service of the Republic. In putting the needs of the Republic and the Army before their own, they forego some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces. In return, Republic soldiers must always be able to expect fair treatment, to be valued and respected as individuals, and that they will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service. In the same way the unique nature of military operations means that the Army differs from all other institutions, and must be sustained and provided for accordingly by the Republic. This mutual obligation forms the Military Covenant between the Republic, the Army and each individual soldier; an unbreakable common bond of identity, loyalty and responsibility which has sustained the Army throughout its history. It has perhaps its greatest manifestation in the annual commemoration of Armistice Day, when the Republic keeps covenant with those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in action.
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Re-enlistment request

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  • Re-enlistment request

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure how many of you guys that are still around remember me, but I used to be a part of A Coy the first couple years of SWTOR. I think you guys recently moved to the SWG EMU right? If so I was wondering what the process for re-enlistment might be, I noticed you have a recruitment suspension currently going on.

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    Hey there Jaxin, I definitely remember you. Q and Ranque were the only ones to try EMU, but it didn't get much use. We're not settled in any particular game either as such we're not recruiting, it's a limbo state right now.

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