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"I serve only the Lord of the Mark, Theoden King, son of Thengel"
Base Camp

Rohan Flag

Greetings citizens of Middle Earth, I come bearing ill news from Rohan. War is approaching with swiftness like none have seen, and a darkness in the east, once thought dormant was awoken again. I call upon all free thinking men to join our ranks, in our hour of need. Let us together ride out to meet this threat, and together crash the taint of chaos and evil for good.

The Riders of the Riddermark are actively seeking mature players, who enjoy role-playing. For those seeking a guild to join then look no further.

Guild Story:

The Horse-lords of Rohan are a proud and ancient people of the race of Men. Stern-faced and handsome they are brave and generous of spirit. They write no books, but they make many songs celebrating their deeds in battle and the fine horses the breed.

We were ordered to muster by the sovereign of Rohan, Theoden and clear a swathe Northwest through the Dunendling territory, and push them out, as their settlements slowly creep further into the borders of Rohan. Commander Cuthgar Son of Rothgar, was appointed to lead the formation, along with his second in command Alrek, Son of Arnbrandr and defend the borders of Rohan.

We set out and encounter the enemy, sacking their small settlements they have used to attempt to expand their borders. We meet little resistance. Almost too little….

After 3 months time, and many small skirmishes, a rider arrived and issues us orders from Edoras signed by the King of Rohan ordering us to make haste to Bree. The reason listed for our orders are to fetch allies in our fight against the Dunendlings. There are no other reasons.

After arriving at Bree it has since been 3 months, with no news from Rohan aside from a message delivered by a Dunedain ranger stating that he encountered riders on the Northwest fringe of the Riddermark. He explained that he was heading to Bree, and hearing that the unit of Rohirrim passed word that the Riders of Dunharrow, were to remain in Bree until the King recalled them.

No doubt this order from the king was tainted by the hand of Grima Wormtongue, for the purpose of keeping Theodin’s armies spread out and not in a position to defend Rohan were Saruman’s army to invade. Of course we are not aware of this, and we think all is well, though quietly spoken words of evil mounting lurks in the dark corners of Bree, and makes us nervous.

With nothing to do we set about training and continuing to hone our skills. We take comfort in the arts of crafting weaponry, armour, etc, and caring for our horses. We spar, sing songs of the Riddermark, and drink many flagons, teaching not only our skills at fighting to the local militia, but also teaching them our skills at swilling mead!

Some of us take to playing music, smoking pipeweed, and learning new things from the people of the Bree-Land. There is much to learn about life outside Rohan although we long to return. Our return may be sooner than we think.

This is the standpoint of our guild members in the grand RP scheme of things:

How over players might view members of our guild:

Other information:

Recruitment Requirements:

General Non RP Information about the guild:

Riders of the Riddermark is a guild formed by a tight knit group of friends that have been playing MMOs and other games together for the better part of five years now. Riders of the Riddermark's main focus in this MMO just like others before it will be Role-playing. That is not to say that we only focus on RP, we also enjoy the other aspects that this game has to offer such as PvP, Raiding and Crafting.

Officer Contact List:


Coming soon!

This guild is for you if...

This guild is NOT for you if...

Those wishing to join should first:

  1. Visit our LOTRO guild website.
  2. Click the picture on the left hand side.
  3. Read the entire training manual.
  4. If you meet the requirements, you can submit an application. A link to do so can be found a Section #9 of the Training Manual.


Coming Soon!

Other Guild History:

The game that started it all was Star Wars Galaxies. The leadership of Riders of the Riddermark is the same leadership that was responsible for the famous Alpha Company (A Coy) on the Valcyn Server.

Alpha Company has also played other MMOs such as LORTO (Riders of the Riddermark), Pirates of the Burning Sea (West Indies Squadron) and WOW (Wipe Club) .