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Guild Story:

At the military fortress of Fort Tuscelan, along the Black-River, a garrison of imperial soldiers was assigned to guard Conajehara, knowing that they were the first and possibly the last line of defense.

Amidst a blood crimson sunrise, the first century of the forth cohort, stood vigilant watch over the walls. Under the command of First Centurion Leonius and Second Centurion Artorius Gemellus, the century was busy shoring up the defenses, for earlier that night Leonius had had a dream, and war would soon be upon them. His superiors dismissed his dream as nothing more than a hallucination, but the legionaries under his command believed him, for they had no choice, unless they risk the flogging that would ensue for speaking out against an officer.

It was no coincidence that the same sunrise Leonius saw in his dream was quickly raising over the horizon, blood crimson color as if Crom himself had pierced it with his sword, signs of death. Suddenly battle horns sounded, for thousands of Picts were on their way to the fort, and a collision course with destiny. A great battle ensued but the Picts gained the upper hand, destroying the fort and pushing the garrison back to Fort Velitrium. By time the battle was over both sides had been dealt significant casualties, and neither could advance their lines any further. Of the 480 men only some 50 remained, including just five from the fourth century.

Amidst the chaos at the end of the battle the remaining four survivors from the fourth Century slip into the woods, and into hiding. They knew the king would not risk another open war the Picts, so their only course of action was to wage a war in secret. They would band together as mercenaries, for this time they would fight not for land but to avenge their fallen brothers from the Battle of Tuscelan. To honor the fallen the named themselves "Primus Pilus" meaning Prime Century. They would soon raise an army, under the command of General Leonius, and Prefect Gemellus.

King Numedides would soon be slain by Conan. "Primus Pilus" followed the king in title only, for he was nothing but a weak puppet ruler, under the influence of the vial sorcerer Thulandra Thuu. It was at this time that the survivors revealed themselves and supported Conan's new rise to power, for Conan had to been at the Battle of Tuscelan, and he offered the best chance to take the fight back to the Picts.

Pallantides, leader of the Black Dragons, under secret decree from Conan, continues to supply us with orders and supplies when he can. For soon he will have need for mercenaries not just to battle the Picts, but other forces that threaten the sovereignty of Aquilonia.

This is the standpoint of our guild members in the grand RP scheme of things:

How over players might view members of our guild:

Other information:

Recruitment Requirements:

General Non RP Information about the guild:

Primus Pilus is a guild formed by a tight knit group of friends that have been playing MMOs and other games together for the better part of five years now. Primus Pilus´┐Ż main focus in this MMO just like others before it will be Role-playing. That is not to say that we only focus on RP, we also enjoy the other aspects that this game has to offer such as PvP, Raiding and crafting.

Officer Contact List:


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This guild is for you if...

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Those wishing to join should first:

  1. Visit our AOC guild website.
  2. Click the picture on the left hand side.
  3. Read the entire training manual.
  4. If you meet the requirements, you can submit an application. A link to do so can be found a Section #9 of the Training Manual.


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Other Guild History:

The game that started it all was Star Wars Galaxies. The leadership of Primus Pilus is the same leadership that was responsible for the famous Alpha Company (A Coy) on the Valcyn Server.

Alpha Company has also played other MMOs such as LORTO (Riders of the Riddermark), Pirates of the Burning Sea (West Indies Squadron) and WOW (Wipe Club).