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Gods of Hyboria

Intermediate Gods

Name Culture Domains Sex Aliases
Asura Vendhya, Iranistan Healing, Illusion, Knowledge, Serpents Male  
Erlik Turan, Hyrkania Death, Knowledge, Prophecy Male The God of the Yellow Hand of Death
Mitra Western Kingdoms Good, Healing, Protection, Sun Male  
Set Stygia, Shem, Black Kingdom Death, Evil, Magic, Serpents, Weather Male Father Set, The Great Serpent, Damballah

Demi Gods

Name Culture Domains Sex Aliases
Ajujo Black Kingdoms Combat, Luck, Plague Male  
Anu Ophir Fertility, Strength Male  
Ashtoreth Shem Fertility, Protection Female  
Bori Hyperborea Strength, War Male  
Crom Cimmeria (none) Male The Grim Gray God
Derketo Stygia, Shem, Black Kingdoms Healing, Seduction Female Derketa
Golden Peacock Shem Blood, Trickery Unknown  
Gwahlur Keshan Darkness, Prophecy Male The King of Darkness
Hanuman Zamboula, Vendhya Beast, Illusion, Knowledge Male Lord of the Black Throne
Harakht Stygia Animal, Knowledge, War Male  
Ibis Stygia, Nemedia Knowledge, Magic, Protection Male  
Jhil Ghanata, Picts Air, Law, Strength Male  
Jullah Black Kingdom, Picts Beast, Strength Male Gullah (Pictland)
Nebethet Punt Death, Luck, Prophecy Female The Ivory Goddess
Wiccana Brythunia Healing, Plant Female Nature Goddess
Xotli Atlantis Blood, Evil Unknown  
Yajur Kosala Death, Prophecy Unknown The God of Yota-Pong
Yama Meru Evil, Fire Male King of Devils
Ymir Nordheim Destruction, Strength, War Male The Frost Giant
Yog Darfar, Zuagirs Bats, Blood, Darkness Unknown The Lord of Empty Abodes
Zath Zamora Darkness Spiders Unknown Omn, The Spider God of Yezud

Lesser Gods

Name Culture Domains Sex Aliases
Bel Zamora, Shem Chaos, Death, Trickery Unknown The Masked God
Dagon Shem, Black Kingdoms Protection, Water, Weather Male  
Ishtar Shem, Koth,Khauran, Khoraja Earth, Healing, Fertility, Seduction Female Earth-Mother, Shub-Niggurath
Jhebbal Sag Pictland, Black Kingdoms Beast, Chaos, Strength Male Lord of Beasts
Kali Vendhya, Ghulistan Death, Fertility, Healing, War Female The Black Mother
Nergal Shem Destruction, Plague, War Male  
Pteor Shem Air, Fertility Male Abonis
Yun Khitai Guardian, Plant Male